Autumn in Upstate New York

As a native southern Californian, one of the things on my bucket list was to see the east coast at the peak of autumn. Well it finally happened: we got up early(ish) on a Sunday, rented a very expensive car in Manhattan, and braved a literal storm as we made our way up north to the Catskills.

I’m here to say that it did not disappoint.

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Churches in Film

I’ve been hardcore neglecting my blog for months now, but I have news to make up for it: I’ve been taking a black and white film class. So I dusted off my dad’s old Canon AE-1 and tried my hand at shooting, processing, and printing 35mm film. Dark room and all.

Shooting film is quite different from digital, as you can imagine. Shooting film forces you to truly understand metering and to take the time to frame your photo before you shoot – after all, you can’t just guess and check as you would with digital. Being in the darkroom is also kind of magical and a lot of fun. So, if you ever have the chance to try shooting film, do it! Most community colleges will offer an intro black and white film class so you can process and print in the darkroom too 🙂

The Church Series

Church in Pacific Beach, California35mmfilmchurchblackandwhitefilmmissionempty churchphotographychurchbellsblackandwhitefilmuniversityofsandiego

Scenes from Japan: Kyoto and Nara

After 4 days in Tokyo, we headed west for Kyoto and Nara. Relative to the modernity of Tokyo, Kyoto is considered “old Japan”, and it is absolutely picturesque.

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Kyoto street
West meets east
Silver temple ginkakuji
Ginkaku-ji (Silver temple)
aoi matsuri hollyhock festival
People gathering for Aoi Matsuri festival
Japan parade Aoi matsuri hollyhock festival
A hollyhock float amongst the trees
geiko maiko geisha
Spotted in the Gion district

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Deer Nara
The wild deer of Nara. Don’t let their sweet faces fool you…they are aggressive!
todaiji Nara
Todai-ji, a Buddhist temple in Nara
Ice cream kyoto
Ice cream break: black sugar, currant, and green tea!
Monkey Kyoto
Iwatayama monkey park
Bamboo forest in Arashiyama, Kyoto
Kyoto ❤️🎌

Scenes from Japan: Tokyo

I was in Japan recently.

tokyo street

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Video game district
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Tsukiji fish market at the crack of dawn

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Sushi breakfast at 6 am at Sushi Dai! We waited in line for 3 hours 😖
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Rushing to work in the morning
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Shibuya at night

Next up, Nara and Kyoto!

Hiking in Suburbia

Who knew that among all the little cookie cutter houses on the hillside (made of ticky tacky), I would be pleasantly surprised with a beautiful hiking trail.

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I got a Fujifilm Instax mini 8 for Christmas hooray! But much to the gift giver’s dismay, I haven’t been using it as much as I should. I got the chance today to take it for a spin. There’s a bit of a learning curve involved with exposure and such (reading the manual would have been a good idea…) so I’m still getting the hang of that, especially in outdoor settings.
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If you’re thinking of getting an Instax, I would highly recommend it! It makes a great gift as well. It’s fun to have physical credit card-sized copies of photos to give to friends and family or to keep for yourself. You won’t get high quality pictures, but it’s more of a certain aesthetic that it’s going for: soft, dreamy, vintage-y. The world just looks nicer through an Instax.

Click here if you’re interested in the Instax Mini 8, but be aware that film doesn’t come with the camera and will need to be purchased separately!